Project Description

2012 Neighborhood Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Project

Project Details:


Independence, Missouri


City of Independence, Missouri



Project Description:

Powell CWM assisted the City of Independence with a Capital Improvement Project to address drainage problems at a number of sites within the City and involving a number of stakeholders including the City Water Pollution Control and Public Works Departments, City Council Members, a private business owner, church, various homeowner’s associations, and private citizens.

Powell CWM performed a Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) of five sites providing and existing conditions analysis, design alternatives, and associated construction cost estimates.  The analysis included site inspections; review of Customer Service Request Reports, City GIS data, and information obtained from the various utility providers; and input from constituents obtained during public meetings.  The various design alternatives proposed for the various sites ranged included pipe and structure removal and replacement; pipe relining; creation of a small regional detention basin; gabion walls; roadside ditch grading; driveway culvert removal and replacement and; lake dredging, aeration, forebay creation, and littoral zone planting.

Final design of the improvements for the various sites included detailed construction plan preparation, construction specifications, construction cost estimation, and development of multiple bid packages.

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